​​​​​​Temperature:  -25°C to +100°C

​Tube:  Black heat resistant synthetic rubber.​
Cover:  Grey textile braided.  Abrasion and

              weather resistant.  Non-conductive.

Resistant to oil, gasoline, grease, and weather. Oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistant cover.   Nitrile tube for use with leaded, unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel. 

automotive hose Line

Designed to replace worn windshield washer tubing, as well as general automotive vacuum applications such as retractable headlights, sensors, etc.    Temperature rating -40˚C to +100˚C. It features a flexible, long-life

​resistance to oil, mud, salt, road debris, ozone, ​coolants, and temperature variations of -25˚C to +110˚C. The inner base tube is reinforced with knitted rayon for maximum strength and burst resistance.   Meets  SAE J20R4.

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Special length packing can be arranged.

Tube: Black synthetic rubber blend.

Inner Braid Fuel Hose


Kfarchima, Lebanon

Flexible Hoses

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic yarn.​​

Heater Hoses

Radiator Hoses

​​Cover: Frame resistant synthetic rubber.

Fuel Injection Hose

Designed to safely and efficiently handle the higher pressure, temperatures, and chemical problems inherent in today’s hotter running, fuel injected engines,  A special braided reinforcement delivers a burst strength of 500 psi. The abrasion-resistant outer cover resists oil, grease, ozone, and coolants. Meets SAE J30R9

Temperature Rating: 

       Fuel Hose: -25°C to +110°C

​       Injection Hose: -30°C to +130°C

Vacuum Hoses

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Slimco Trading Company

EPDM rubber construction that resists normal use exposure to oil, grease, and heat deterioration, and remains flexible at low temperatures. This tubing meets the material specification for SAE J1037.

Designed to replace original equipment manufacturer hose. Molded Radiator and Bypass Hose are built with knitted reinforcement and EPDM construction which provides high strength and 

Special length packing can be arranged.

Special length packing can be arranged.

Burst Pressure:

​       Fuel Hose: 250 PSI

       Injection Hose: ​500 PSI 

Ideal Fuel Line Hose offers excellent resistance to oil, gasoline, grease, and weather. Oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistant cover.   Nitrile tube for use with leaded, unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel. Reinforced with a single ply of braided cord, meets SAE J30R7, SAE J30R14T1, EPA 40 CFR 1051.110  requirements

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Outer Braid Fuel Hoses

It easily replicates the angles and planes of a wide variety of expensive original equipment coolant hose, for quick and easy replacement.  Heat and ozone resistant cover.  Resists temperature variations from -25˚C to +110˚C.  Rated for SAE 20R5 Class D-2 performance.

Recommended for delivery of hot water or stream.  Applicable for automotive heaters and cooling systems. Anti-freeze resistant.  Good resistance to high temperatures for extended periods of time up to 125°C. Caution: Do not use for fuel or oil transfer applications. Meets SAE 20R3

​Tube:  Black, synthetic rubber compound antifreeze and heat resistant. ​
Reinforcement:   High strength synthetic yarn

Temperature Rating:   - 30°C to +125°C

Cover:   Smooth black Synthetic rubber.